In 2004, owner and founder Bonifacio (aka Boni) received his first vertical rotisserie oven from his brother as a gift. He made his first batch of Al Pastor tacos at a party for his friends and family. After several more of these small gatherings, and some raving reviews, he sold his first taco at a Coast Union High School football game. He sold out the first time he set up shop…and the second…and the third…you get the picture. At this point, he had not even come up with a name for his business.

As a resident of Cambria for over 15 years, Boni was well known in the community; and what his friends all pointed out was that everyone at the football games was asking the same question, “Have you tried Boni’s tacos?”. So, when it came time to name the business, a unanimous decision was made to use the name, Boni’s Tacos.

Shortly after his success at the high school games, Boni decided to order a custom-built taco truck. When the truck arrived, Boni had the perfect spot picked out in downtown Cambria to set up shop. On March 25, 2005, Boni’s Tacos officially opened it’s window for business.

In order to prep and store food for the business, Boni had to have a commissary kitchen, which is just another name for a commercial kitchen. He found the perfect one in an industrial section of Cambria known as “Tin City”. Since the Taco Truck was only open on weekends, Boni realized he had all the space, equipment and product to sell food straight out of the commissary kitchen during the week.

In October of 2005, what we as the family call the “Kitchen”, opened its window for business. For over almost 15 years now, Boni’s Tacos has served its fans from the “Kitchen” Monday through Friday, and from the Taco Truck on Saturdays, Sundays and special holidays.