Boni's Tacos is a small, family owned and operated restaurant located in the quaint village of Cambria, CA. We founded Boni's Tacos over 10 years ago and quickly became popular not only with the locals, but with tourists all along the Central Coast.
At Boni's Tacos, we strive to not only provide great food, but a memorable dining experience. We use only the freshest ingredients and meals are always cooked to order. So, make sure you leave room for at least one taco the next time you're in town!

our meats

Al Pastor
Carne Asada
Chile Verde
Our house specialty, Al Pastor is pork, marinated in our secret red sauce, then cooked on a vertical rotisserie to a crispy perfection. Pairs great with our 'Salsa Verde'.
Fresh, never frozen, chicken breast, slow cooked in a delicious chipotle sauce. A tasty, lean-protein option. Pairs great with our 'Salsa Morita'.
Tender pork, lightly fried until golden brown, then slowly  simmered in a savory green sauce with special spices. Pairs great with our 'Salsa Roja'.

About us

At Boni's Tacos we offer 100% authenticity. Our dishes are made from recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, leading back to our roots in Taxco, Guerrero. The owner emigrated from Mexico in 1972, then in 1989, he and his wife laid new roots in Cambria, CA. Boni (pronounced, bone-ee) and his family have been living in Cambria since and founded Boni's Tacos in 2004.
Hand-picked cuts of choice beef seasoned with our special spices and expertly grilled until tender and succ-ulent. Pairs great with our 'Salsa Roja'.